About Us

The friends you will make in Sig Tau will be your friends for life.
Social Activities - We coordinate numerous social events for our brothers each semester.
Civic Duty- We are committed members of the community and are active in local government and advocacy as well as charitable organization support.

The Sigma Tau Chi fraternity is an organization based on the idea of establishing lifelong bonds and friendships through like experiences and common goals. We are a unified group of diverse members whom value pride, commitment, leadership, and experience. hence individual growth.

We are a local Fraternity…
The dues we pay go straight to funding projects on our house, our social activities, and other financial situations pertinent to our fraternity. Because of this, our dues are lower than those of national fraternities. We have been here for fifty-eight years and have a stake in the community. We endorse the "adopt a highway" program, and hold activities for the community to partake in such as the Haunted House in the fall.

Our House…
Our house, which we own, is on a lake-front piece of property. The house itself boasts 17 rooms, a central kitchen, four bathrooms, and a central common/recreation room. Each of the 17 rooms are equipped with cable TV, heat, electricity, and Cable internet service. Our house is constantly being improved upon. Over the last four years, through close contact with our alumni, our organization has replaced all of the windows and doors in our house, have put on a new roof, and have plans in the works to completely renovate the third floor.

Our Alumni…
Our Alumni and the active brotherhood keep in close contact and have open lines of communication. Through Alumni-sponsored events such as Alumni weekend, annual Golf outing, and frequent meetings, we have a large core of experienced brothers working toward the betterment of the organization. By having a very active and devoted Alumni Association, we are able to be a professional organization whose actions are not bound by experience gained through age. By having close relations with our alumni, we can better learn from our past and keep the traditions of our organization alive. Our alumni give students a better chance of job placement through connections after college. Face it, with the aggressive job market out there, sometimes who you know can be as important as what you know. By being an established organization for 58 years, we have a brotherhood all over the world in various fields of employment.

Social / recreational benefits…
By being involved with intramural sports, hosting mixers with other Greek organizations, hosting open house parties such as BLUE NIGHT, and being involved in Greek Week, brothers are offered a broad array of social activities that help make the college experience a memorable one. It is a goal of our organization to establish life long bonds with fellow collegiates through experiences.

Sigma Tau Chi History

Our present fraternity had its origin in the founding of Zeta Rho fraternity. This Fraternity was founded on the Oswego campus in 1946 by 25 men with the beliefs that social friendships between college men are the ones that are lasting. These premises are still the basis of our fraternity. In April 1951, Zeta Rho fraternity became the Alpha Omicron chapter of the Sigma Tau Gamma National fraternity. We, as a fraternity, remained in the National for three years during which we received and contributed much to this union of organization. At the time which we joined, the National charter consisted of 46 chapters in 18 states. We were only a small part of an organization that was to become long and lasting. In the spring of 1953, our chapter awarded Miss Barbara Jean Hewitt White Rose Queen of Sigma Tau Gamma. Mel Torme, after looking through 45 pictures chose our Miss Hewitt to be queen. Because of a decree passed down through the New York State Board of Trustees concerning the abolition of National fraternities on this campus as well as other State University campuses, we had to break ties with the National chapter. In the spring we still crowned White Rose Queen at the formal. These few concepts of the history of our fraternity are but a small listing of many significant facts that have contributed to the history of Sigma Tau. The knowing beliefs of a forward looking fraternity, one that is willing to make changes for the betterment of itself. In closing, we believe that if you know the history of an organization you can tell what it stands for.

Sigma Tau Chi Alumni Association

While in college, much of a student's education, personal development and growth does not occur in the classroom or in the formal educational programs provided by a University or College, but in the community in which the student lives. We believe that a student's personal growth and development can be significantly and positively impacted through experiences, friendships and the values of those individuals with which he or she associates and that collective association can be a strong medium to promote and enhance individual growth. Sigma Tau Chi fraternity was founded in 1946 by a collective association of college men at the State University of New York College at Oswego. Devoted to the highest ideals of citizenship, learning, leadership, excellence, integrity, and honesty, Sigma Tau Chi has proven a valuable resource for fostering meaningful values and in creating a healthy environment for its members' academic and personal growth.

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